Resource quality

This website lists hundreds of teaching materials that support teachers in developing a global dimension to the curriculum. They are published by a range of organisations including commercial, public and not-for-profit publishers. All the resources listed are expected to meet a set of essential inclusion criteria.

Quality imageThe main criteria are that resources should:

  • Link to the school curriculum.
  • Focus on education, not campaigning or fundraising.
  • Enhance skills and knowledge that enable understanding of relationships between local, national and global affairs
  • Focus on one or more of the concepts of: interdependence, global citizenship, diversity, sustainable development, social justice, values and perceptions, conflict resolution and human rights.
  • Promote the development of positive values and attitudes, and an outlook that encourages active participation, co-operation, respect for cultural diversity and democratic citizenship.
  • Challenge stereotypes, discrimination and social exclusion, and promote social inclusion.
  • Provide opportunities for active learning.

You can request a copy of the full inclusion criteria by emailing the Editor:

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