Global learning resources developed by teachers for teachers

Here you can access a range of excellent resources developed by teachers from schools that participated in the Global Learning Programme (GLP).

Celebrate ‘Global Friends Day’, Merley First School

This case study and lesson ideas for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 enables you to plan a whole-school ‘Global Friends Day’. The resource suggests a wide range of geography-, numeracy- and literacy-based activities focusing on our connections with people around the world in terms of food, food waste and Fairtrade. It also provides a complete day plan with clearly defined learning objectives. This activity will help teachers familiarise pupils with the concepts of interdependence, development, globalisation and sustainability.

Download the ‘Global Friends Day’ resource

Mobile phone connections

This exemplar resource explores the GLP knowledge themes of globalisation and interdependence, poverty, development, sustainable development, and rights and essential services.

It provides an opportunity for pupils to learn more about the Democratic Republic of Congo, to understand how globalisation can have negative effects and to think about what actions can be taken to reduce these.

Download ‘Mobile phone connections’ resource

How to develop the city of Lucksville?

This KS3 (Year 7/8) citizenship lesson activity gives students the opportunity to make decisions over how to develop the make-believe city of Lucksville. The activity is designed to help them to consider different approaches to development and the impact that this can have on different groups of people in the city.

Download ‘Lucksville’ resource

Netley Primary school and Hans Rosling’s Gapminder World map

This case study and resource details how Netley Primary school used Hans Rosling’s Gapminder World map to teach Year 5 children about the relationship between poverty and health.

Download Netley Primary school case study and resource

Democracy – you choose: tutor time activity PowerPoint

This PowerPoint helps KS3 students to understand the principles of democracy and discover examples of where and when they have not always been respected. Through imagining a scenario where rules are decided by a dictator, students are led to reflect on their role as citizens in a democratic country.

Download ‘Democracy – you choose’ resource

What state is the world in?

These KS3 lesson activities explore the topics of development, sustainability, the role of public institutions and the ways in which citizens work together to improve communities by reviewing the extent to which the Millennium Development Goals have been met, learning about the new Sustainable Development Goals and exploring how they could be achieved.

Download ‘What state is the world in?’ resource

A whole school approach to the GLP

This mind map developed by GLP Advocate David Dixon shows how the GLP can permeate all aspects of school life and be a driver for school improvement. Please note the sections that relate to leadership. This type of leadership for sustainability is not just about promoting the GLP or any sort of ‘Greenism’, it is primarily about holistic approaches to leadership given that schools are complex places of human interaction. Also, without leadership ‘buy-in’, initiatives such as the GLP are unlikely to be embedded in the school.

So if you are a senior leader, think about how the GLP might work across the school for general improvement as well as in specific curriculum areas such as geography. If you are a teacher, this mapping document might help you to introduce the GLP to your SLT and convince them of its merits.

Download the mind map