A day with Musa

Early Years: ages 3-5KS1: ages 5-7Book

This colourful book from CAFOD is aimed at Early Years and Key Stage 1 (ages 4-7). It follows a typical day in the life of Bangladeshi schoolboy Musa. With colourful images, the story looks at the beauty and vibrancy of life in Bangladesh.

The book encourages an understanding of the wider world, and supports learning across the curriculum. It can be used to explore key themes such as family, food, water, games and transport, and has suggested activities for Literacy, Mathematics, RE, Geography and Citizenship.

The edition for schools is available as a big book; there is also a smaller, A4-sized version of the book designed for use by children and parents at home.

For further details, and to order, visit: www.cafod.org.uk/bigbook


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