A sensory journey through India

Sensory journey through India
KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11WebsitePowerpointFilm

Experience the sights and sounds of an Indian rush hour and bask in the still, natural serenity of the Indian countryside, all from the comfort of your classroom. Take your pupils on an unforgettable journey with videos, photos and activities designed to showcase the beauty, intensity and sometimes harsh reality of life in India. This multimedia resource from ActionAid is adaptable for Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7) or Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11).

To help you on your journey through urban and rural India, this package includes:

  • Photos and short videos to help your class visualise the differences between the cities and countryside of India
  • A colourful factsheet containing facts about India as well as information on the big issues the country faces
  • Teacher notes to help you to make the most of your download.

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