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A self evaluation framework for global citizenship

KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16KS5: ages 16+BookCD-ROM

This resource from RISC helps teachers at all levels to identify how far their school has got on the journey towards becoming a ‘global school’ – one where global citizenship is embedded across the curriculum and throughout the school ethos.

A framework is provided under a series of headings such as Teaching and learning, Staff development, School environment, etc, with a seven-point scoring system ranging from ‘inadequate’ to ‘outstanding’. This enables teachers to assess the school’s current delivery of global citizenship, and identify which areas to prioritise.

Within each section case studies from different schools provide examples for teachers of how to use the framework, and ideas for progression from one score to the next. The framework forms are also provided on a CD, enabling teachers to record and save evidence and monitor progress.

This is a really useful resource for teachers wanting to take global citizenship seriously. It provides a really methodical approach as well as lots of ‘food for thought’ and inspiration.


Items available

    • Book (£19.95)
    • Includes CD-ROM
    • ISBN: 9781874709107
    • Visit website
    • No. of pages: 86
    • CD-ROM

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