Chembakolli: the complete package

Chembakolli - complete package
KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11WebsitePowerpointPDFGame

Discover the famous village of Chembakolli, India with a complete set of resources for primary schools. With resources on Chembakolli schools, housing, toys and games, transport and of course their famous Fairtrade tea, this package is all a Key Stage 1 or 2 class could need to explore life in this village.

This package is jam-packed with Chembakolli resources and includes:

  • Slideshows giving you a detailed look at all aspects of life in Chembakolli
  • Worksheets encouraging pupils to compare their lives with those of the children in Chembakolli
  • Teacher notes to help you to make the most of your download.

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