Fair’s Fair

Life and Rights in the Global Sports Industry

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The London 2012 Olympics and other major sporting events provide a great opportunity for pupils to learn more about who makes the sportswear and sporting merchandise they buy. This cross-curricular teaching pack for ages 9-14 brings alive the concepts of human rights, equality and fairness by telling stories of people who make these goods in poorer countries, often working with few rights, and for poverty wages.

The pack was developed by Labour Behind the Label through involvement with teacher members from Anti-Slavery International, ATL, NASUWT and NUT working in collaboration with the TUC. Lesson ideas and activities make links between different subjects including Art and Design, Citizenship, English, Geography and Maths. The pack has been designed to have a broad scope to ensure that the lessons can be integrated into subject areas and concepts in the National Curriculum for England; the Northern Ireland Curriculum; the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland; and the National Curriculum in Wales.

The pack includes 10 lesson plans, 14 activity sheets, 4 photo cards and a DVD made with pupils from the Cherwell School and Oaks Park High School.

By using this pack, pupils can develop their understanding of why decent working conditions are part of the United Nations Millenium Development Goals to end poverty, and take practical actions to help make the world a fairer place.


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