Getting Into Debt

Dodgy loans, reckless finance & Third World Debt

KS5: ages 16+PDF

What is “Third World Debt”, how did it come about and why do so many people feel so strongly that it should be ‘dropped’? And what does it have to do with the financial crisis or the ‘credit crunch’? This handbook aims to explain.

Complete with illustrations, graphs and cartoons, the handbook looks at the way the international lending system has made life better for some – but much much worse for many more. And that same lending system is also behind the latest financial crisis which is gripping the whole world.

The booklet was primarily written to be used by advanced school students (eg at A-level), and is appropriate for the Social Studies area of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, at Fourth or Senior levels. It can also be used for GCSE or university students and is a good introductory text for adults on international debt and its role in international development and finance. However, it is more ‘background reading’ than an actual teaching resource, as there are no suggested classroom activities.


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