Global Communications

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Global Communications is a linguistics based course designed by secondary teachers for Key Stage 3 pupils. The course was developed in 2012 to complement and enhance pupils’ experience of foreign language learning. It received the 2013 EU Language Label Award, a Europe wide award scheme designed to recognise creativity and innovation in language teaching and learning.

The Global Communications course has two main aims:

  • To deepen pupils’ understanding of the relevance to them of inter-cultural communication (including being able to communicate in a foreign language) both now and in the future.
  • To provide pupils with practical, transferable linguistic skills which can be used now and in the future to facilitate their learning and use of foreign languages.

The course comprises four units, and includes a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, a Scheme of Work, assessment materials and National Curriculum style levels, all available on the website.

There is also a photo gallery with pictures from around the world which reflect issues of language, communication, or culture in some way, and which can be used as stimuli for Global Communications starter activities, homeworks, group work etc.

The course is not specific to one language, but is designed to complement the learning of any Modern Foreign Language.


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