Global Learning in History

KS3: ages 11-14WebsitePDF

This free website supports teachers in developing and embedding global learning through the Key Stage 3 History curriculum in England (ages 11-14). It has a large number of downloadable PDFs, PowerPoints, worksheets, schemes of learning and reflection tools. The main sections are as follows:

  • Getting Started – an introduction.
  • SMSC and Values & Attitudes – Addressing SMSC and values and attitudes in global learning.
  • Developing Global Learning in History – examples of big ideas, global learning opportunities, SMSC and values attitudes embedded in the following schemes of learning:
    – A significant society or issue in World History – Example: Dynasties
    – Medieval Britain 1066-1509 – Examples: Norman Conquest and Magna Carta
    – State and Society 1509-1745 – Example: Renaissance
    – Ideas, Political Power, Industry and Empire 1745-1901 – Examples: The Trans-Atlantic Enslavement Trade, Empires and the British Empire
    – 1901-Present day – Examples: World War 1 – Recruitment and the Treaty of Versailles; World War 2 – Genocide and the Holocaust; The Welfare State
  • Embedding Global Learning in History – A series of reflection tools that help to evaluate the learning that has taken place and build on the big ideas.
  • Active Citizenship in History – Examples of social movements across history and organisations that promote active citizenship. How do topics in History stimulate our thinking about active citizenship and articipation and how might we relate this to our own role in society?

This is an extensive resource with lots of great ideas for bringing global learning into Key Stage 3 history.


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