Global learning lenses on the world

Global learning lenses on the world
KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16KS5: ages 16+PDF

Young people everywhere are living in a fast changing world, which faces many social and environmental challenges. This resource was created by and for teachers to support work on some key issues: food and hunger, poverty and wealth, and sustainable development. They offer ‘lenses’ through which to view these issues and ideas for constructive action on the local and global stage.

‘Global learning lenses on the world’ is the result of a three year project ‘Young people on the global stage: their education and influence’. This was funded by the European Union and involved teachers and young people in The Gambia, Kenya, Spain, Germany and the UK.

The ‘lenses’ themselves – magnifying glass, microscope, 3D glasses, telescope – are presented as a planning framework incorporating different ways to see the world. The resource is packed with interesting discussion questions, teaching ideas, activities and links to support students and teachers in exploring the key issues. Appropriate for secondary schools, with links to many curriculum subjects.


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