Just Linking

A Guide to Linking Schools

KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11Teacher's PackDVDCD-ROM

This handbook and DVD for primary teachers offer a guide for successful linking within the UK. It outlines potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, how to use a school link to build cross-cultural awareness, how to plan exchange days, and classroom activities at KS2 level.

Part I of the book outlines the issues and practicalities related to the linking process, aimed at KS 1 and 2. Part II provides a curriculum-based model for working on the link and medium term plans, mainly aimed at KS2. It provides guidance on making the link, tackling sensitive issues, ensuring the sustainability of the link, and placing school linking into the curriculum. It includes case studies of three lessons: Media Literacy, Trade, and Understanding a Distant Locality.

The accompanying DVD includes suggested lesson plans, activities and resource lists; explains the story behind the project, and includes the reflections of teachers as well as students. The book also provides a strong foundation for schools wanting to develop a global link.


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    • Pack is CD-ROM with lesson plans, plus a film DVD.
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