Médecins Sans Frontières A-level French video resources

KS5: ages 16+WebsiteFilm

These French language resources from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) UK are free and can be downloaded for use in the classroom. They are short videos accompanied by a transcript and an exercise. The aim is to provide authentic and engaging resources, as well as to raise awareness of MSF’s work in the field and show young people the circumstances and challenges faced by their contemporaries in the wider world.

The films illustrate challenges facing the global community and encourage the discussion of wider social issues. The resources can be used by schools wishing to promote cross curricular collaboration since there are also links to Science, Geography, Maths, RE, English and ICT.

Resources are as follows:

  • Association Humanitaire: MSF – This topic is in three parts: Présentation des activités de MSF, Conflicts armés, catastrophes naturelles, Myanmar
  • Volontaires – Valérie, a midwife, describes her work as a volunteer with MSF.
  • Les Riches et les Pauvres – looks at the impact of war on people across the world.
  • Santé – how MSF responds to three infectious diseases in Africa: HIV/AIDS, malaria and Ebola.
  • Mirlanda – we meet a young survivor of the Haiti earthquake, and find out about her injuries and treatment.


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