Olaudah Equiano in Sheffield

KS2: ages 7-11Book

This pack is designed for primary teachers. It illustrates different aspects of history—both local and global—mainly focusing on the 1790s and the life of anti-slavery campaigner Olaudah Equiano, the history of slavery, and its abolition. The pack is a helpful tool for encouraging creative thinking, and also contains historical resources such as maps, photographs, and other documents.

It contains five interactive classroom activities with web links for interactive white board support:

  • Activity 1 draws on documents from Benjamin Spencer, a merchant from Cannon Hall near Barnsley that show what and who was bought and sold on each leg of the triangular trade.
  • Activity 2 explores who the winners and losers were from the triangular trade.
  • Activity 3 looks at the experience of slaves in Britain.
  • Activity 4 explores persuasive writing using extracts from The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano.
  • Activity 5 looks at local and national campaigners against slavery.

A note to teachers inside the pack suggests using it alongside an appropriate film clip, such as Alex Hailey’s Roots (the pack includes timings for suggested extracts from the film).


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