One day, one world

KS2: ages 7-11WebsiteFilm

This short film (13 minutes) follows two children, Tuli in Bangladesh, and Josh in England, during the course of an ordinary day. They get up, go to school, help around the house, eat and pray. Looking at the realities of life in Bangladesh, the film highlights issues around food, water, religion and the environment to help stimulate classroom discussion.

The film can be used to support RE programmes of study, in particular, as CAFOD is a Catholic aid agency, the film can help explore some of the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching. It also supports learning in many other curriculum areas, and suggestions for these are provided in accompanying teachers’ notes. Ideally the film should be used as part of or to stimulate discussions and activities in the classroom. It could also be used in an assembly or talk with children.

The film is free to watch on the CAFOD website, either as a whole film or in six separate ‘chapters’ each focussing on a different section of the day. You can view it, and download teachers’ notes, here:


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