Passeport pour la Francophonie

A voyage of discovery through the French-speaking world

KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14Website

Formerly part of the Education Scotland website, and now hosted by SCILT, this interactive online resource supports the teaching of French at primary school level, as well as providing the opportunity to investigate how different languages are connected and how literacy extends across learning. (For example, do you know which Scottish words come from French?)

Aude from France, Assouan from Egypt, Nyanga from Gabon, Menabe from Madagascar and Takakoto from French Polynesia act as friendly guides to their home countries. These countries are all official members of La Francophonie, an international family of more than 40 countries where either lots of people speak French, or where French culture and language has a big impact on the way people live.

The resource features lots of stories, videos and fascinating facts about each of these five countries. Teachers can use the challenges to help classes learn new French words and develop other, cross-curricular knowledge about all sorts of things, such as the country’s myths and legends, expressive arts, religion, culture, biodiversity, history, science and technology.

And everyone can have a go at listening to the French words, speaking French with each other, then checking what they’ve learnt by playing the games.

Although designed for primary teaching, some aspects of the resource could also be used at early secondary level.


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