Positively Global

KS3: ages 11-14Teacher's PackCD-ROM

This pack focuses on five key development themes, linked to globalisation:

  • Why educate anyway? The world’s poorest children are deprived of a basic education. Why are they denied this basic human right?
  • Can debt relief help the world’s poor? Trans-global money lenders appear generous but the poor seem to be getting poorer. Why?
  • Is globalisation helping the world communicate? The internet gives us instant access to everything but is anyone being left behind?
  • Is globalisation good for the world’s health? A doctor around the corner, well equipped hospitals in every city – but what is it like in the majority world?
  • How has globalisation affected migration? Individuals, families, whole communicities move in search of a better life. What drives them to it?

The books are suitable for work in many subject areas of secondary teaching, and could also be used to support a link with a school in a developing country. The activities in the teaching booklets include lots of interactive ideas, including role-play games and diamond ranking activities. The activities come with clear explanations and photocopiable worksheets. An accompanying CD-ROM includes electronic versions of all the activities.


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    • Teacher's Pack (£9.99)
    • Pack includes 5 books and CD-ROM
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