Plastics Challenge – Practical Action

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14PDFPowerpoint

An exciting challenge for pupils aged 8-14 years to investigate the properties of plastics then find solutions to the global problems plastic waste causes.

The challenge can be used flexibly as part of the formal science and design and technology curriculum in the UK, or to run a STEM club or enrichment day. It offers opportunities for pupils to engage with:

  • Practical science investigations and enquiry based learning
  • Designing and making products from waste plastic for the UK, or international, market
  • A video competition enabling them to share their experience of the challenge.

This challenge is accredited for the CREST award scheme and can be used as a project for the Big Bang Competition, to reinforce lessons on plastics, or as a STEM club, transition or British Science Week activity.

Resources include:

  • Plastics Challenge – Teacher’s notes
  • Plastics Challenge – Home learning guide
  • Plastics Challenge – PowerPoint
  • Plastics challenge – PPT notes
  • Plastics Challenge – Pupils sheets
  • Plastics challenge – Certificates
  • Plastics challenge – Poster
  • Plastics challenge article from D & T practice


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