Exploring children's rights in the UK and around the world

KS2: ages 7-11Book

This resource has been produced by the children’s aid charity Save the Children in partnership with the Citizenship Foundation. It aims to help pupils explore their own rights, the rights of children in other countries, and the connection between the two. It encourages participation, so that children are informed and involved in decisions that affect them, helping them to develop a positive attitude to their learning and a more active role in the school environment. There is a mix of activities, discussions, stories and poems that make up a ten-lesson study programme.

Lesson plans cover different rights: to basics like healthcare, to education and protection, and to participate. The material is organised into the following six colour-coded themes, with background information, ideas for running an activity and suggestions for extension activities:

  • Let’s get started
  • We have a right to… the basics
  • We have a right to be… educated
  • We have a right to be… protected
  • We have a right to… participate
  • Tying everything together.


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