Smoky Homes

Smoky Homes
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Smoky Homes is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) project for primary aged pupils, produced by Practical Action.

The project provides a real-life context for pupils to explore the health and environmental problems faced by the 3 billion people globally who cook on open fires or traditional cook stoves.

It can be used to deliver parts of the UK’s Science and Design and Technology curriculum or an enrichment day.

The project offers opportunities for pupils to work in groups to:

  • Engage with a range of images and videos that introduce the context and people of Nepal
  • Design and model their ideas for improved cook stoves and/or stove hoods.

All the teaching and learning materials needed to run the project are free to download from the Practical Action website. These include:

  • Teacher’s notes
  • A photo-based starter activity to set the scene
  • An activity exploring what’s important to the community
  • Quiz and Killer Facts activities
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • Project sheets and pupil activity sheets.


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