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The Story Museum
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The Story Museum in Oxford aims to become a world centre for story and storytelling. They believe that a wide variety of stories is essential for children and young people in particular, to help them fulfil their potential. Their vision is that children should grow up ‘rich in stories’.

Their website has a lovely set of teaching resources co-commissioned by the Story Museum and 1418NOW. ‘Incredible Journeys‘ is made up of five inspiring films telling unique stories, based on true events, about some of the the animals caught up in the First World War, including a koala, an elephant and a camel!

There is a lesson pack to accompany each film, providing background context and lots of teaching and learning ideas. Each lesson plan offers a wealth of cross-curricular links, including Literacy, History, global diversity topics, Art, Drama and more.

The resources are targeted at upper Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3 pupils, with some suitable for ages 7+ and others for ages 10+.


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