Take Mali

Developing Intercultural Understanding at KS2 & 3 through French, Geography and Global Citizenship

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This comprehensive, colourful pack is a cross-curricular resource designed to support children aged 7-14 with their progression in Intercultural Understanding through French, Geography and Global Citizenship. There are also many links to other curriculum areas such as Art, Design, Dance, Music and Literacy.

The pack offers over 50 activities, which teachers can either ‘dip into’ or follow consecutively. These provide opportunities for active global citizenship and the development of French language skills, through a range of authentic video and audio materials on DVD.

The pack is easy to use, even for teachers with limited French. It takes children on a fascinating journey around Mali in West Africa, enabling them to encounter the country’s rich culture and explore similarities and differences between their own and Malian daily lives, values and attitudes. There are also opportunities for pupils to find out about the effect of tourism, fair trade and sustainable development, and reflect on their role as global citizens.

All in all, this is a wonderful resource for exploring a fascinating part of the world.


Items available

    • Teacher's Pack (£50)
    • Pack consists of spiral-bound book with 2 DVDs and a photo CD. Order via website contact form.
    • ISBN: 9781847850102
    • Visit website
    • No. of pages: 180

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