The Campaign for Abolition

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16Website

The campaign which led to Britain’s abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in 1807 began as early as 1787. This resource draws on items in the British Library to enable secondary students to explore a range of sources from the entire campaign. This includes minutes from the meetings of the Abolition Committee and eye witness accounts of slavery.

The issues of equality, justice and tolerance raised and explored by the resources are just as relevant today as they were two centuries ago, and students might feel that the need for campaigns is also just as great. This resource therefore also outlines a series of activities that investigate what made the Abolition campaign so successful and what still makes a successful campaign today.

The resource outlines the historical background to the campaign, introduces a variety of real historical sources, and suggests activities to help students explore the issues around campaigning. Teachers notes are also provided.


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