The Little Box of BIG Questions

Philosophical and meaningful conversations with children and young people

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14Teacher's Pack

Children and young people need time, space and kindness to speak openly about the things most important to them. Listening can help facilitators understand better the root of children’s thinking and behaviour, and can give an insight into how to better support them to reach their potential.

This box of ‘big question’ cards can be used to provide prompts for a meaningful, stimulating and positive conversation about the ‘bigger picture’ in life. The cards can help children and young people understand their views about life, school and people important to them, which is enlightening for the facilitators too.

The resource is designed for children aged 9-14. There are four areas for discussion:

  • Identity – allows the child to consider what is special about them as individuals and includes: How would you describe the person you are?
  • Important people – children are encouraged to consider who is important to them through questions such as: Who is special to you?
  • Meaning & Purpose – questions covering our mission and purpose in life, for example: Do you think that people’s lives are set out for them?
  • Thinking & Planning – the final set of questions allows individuals to think about how they reflect and make big decisions, for instance: How do you calm your mind, relax and think best? Have you ever experienced a big change in your life?

The box includes 17 A5-size cards, with an instruction booklet and ideas for use.


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