The Olympics and Sweatshops

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This free resource from the campaigning charity War on Want aims to engage school students on global issues surrounding the London Olympic Games in 2012. Activities have been designed with Key Stage 4 in mind (ages 14-16) but they are also adaptable to Key Stage 3 (11-14). They would fit into Citizenship, Humanities, History or Geography lessons.

Some of the questions examined are:

  • Where is Olympics merchandise made?
  • How have sweatshops travelled from London’s East End to Bangladesh and other countries over the years?
  • How are we linked to the people who make our clothes?
  • What can young people do to be part of a positive, localised campaign in support of sweatshop workers?

Interesting historical and global connections are made, with case studies examining sweatshops operating in London’s East End during the UK’s recent history, and current sweatshops in Asia. The activities are very much geared around campaigning, with suggestions that students write to MPs and CEOs of sportswear brands.

A case study on the War on Want website explains how Year 10 students from George Green School in London’s East End used the resource and organised a day of campaigning activities for their Citizenship course work.

For further details, and to order, visit War on Want’s Teachers & Schools web page.


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