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This website supports teaching and learning around how we can better understand self, others and the wider world. It has a bank of classroom and CPD resources that you can pick up and use straight away. These are accompanied by support materials (including courses) that enable deeper engagementwith the ideas, approaches and pedagogy behind them.

The site aims to create a safe space for critical learning. It supports work across the curriculum and particularly work around global perspectives, community cohesion, citizenship, education for sustainable development, and PSHE.

Currently most of the resources are for primary (Key Stages 1 and 2) but there are some resources suitable for older children and more will be added. Examples of teaching activities include:

  • Unpacking your backpack – Introduces the principles of Time 2 Think and uses the idea of a backpack to engage in thinking critically about where our ideas, values, attitudes and assumptions come from.
  • How many people? – An activity for KS2 based around the landmark of the world population reaching 7 billion and what that might mean for us all.
  • Our world’s water – A KS2 activity that allows learners to think about the importance of water in our world and their relationship to this vital shared resource.
  • What are my values? – A KS2/3 activity that enables learners to better understand and think about their own values and how they influence their lives.
  • Who is responsible for climate change? – An activity for KS3 and above that uses different sets of national data as a stimulus to thinking about responsibility as it relates to climate change.


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