W is for World: Around the world ABC

Early Years: ages 3-5KS1: ages 5-7Book

This wonderful round the world alphabet book covers more than twenty countries from Senegal to Nepal. It is an alphabet book of people, cultures and customs. It tells about the homes we live in, the kinds of food we eat, the clothes we wear and the families we live with.

Each letter takes a theme: “G is for grandfathers, gentle, wise, ready to tell you a story and give you a hug.” “O is for oceans, where we fish, and sail and play.” The photographs are breathtaking and the text refreshing, heart-warming and celebratory. One of the best books of its genre and a welcome addition to any early years library.


Items available

    • Book (£6.99)
    • Pupil's reading book
    • ISBN: 9781845073145
    • 2007
    • No. of pages: 32
    • Book (£16.99)
    • Big book
    • ISBN: 9781845070267
    • 2004
    • No. of pages: 32

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Frances Lincoln

74-77 White Lion Street

LondonN1 9PF
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