Welsh Baccalaureate: Refugees, Oxfam resources for the Global Citizenship Challenge

Publisher: Oxfam

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16KS5: ages 16+Website

Use photographs, stories and facts to develop empathy and increase your learners’ understanding of the issues facing refugees.

Learn more about the experiences of refugees across the world. Develop an action plan to meet the Global Citizenship Challenge whilst making a difference in your local community.


Activity 1: Human Connections (256kB)
Think about how migration influences our everyday lives. The plan includes the activity sheet Globingo.

Activity 2: Understanding migration (308kB)
Help learners gain a firm understanding of human migration using a quiz.

Activity 3: Who is a refugee? (276kB)
Deepen learners’ understanding of the refugee crisis using international human law definitions.

Activity 4: Where do refugees come from and go to? (249kB)
Question where the world’s largest refugee populations move from and go to.

Activity 5: Refugee suitcase (202kB)
Challenge learners current thinking and reflect on people’s decisions to flee their homes. Take the critical thinking challenge: what is in the suitcase?

Activity 5: Presentation: The Land of the Invisible (13MB)
Help learners understand the topic of refugees.

Activity 6: Causes, effects, solutions (658kB)
Question the causes, effects and solutions of the refugee crisis using an issue tree.

Activity 7: Treasure Hunt (208kB)
Consolidate learner’s understanding of the refugee crisis using a treasure hunt.

Activity 7: People forced to flee photos (3MB)
A slideshow to accompany activity 7.

Activity 8: Human Rights (280kB)
Think about the human rights of the people forced to flee.

Activity 9: Opinion Continuum (238kB)
Help learners form opinions in a discussion on what a good future for refugees should look like.

Activity 10: Facts, inferences, questions (453kB)
Think more deeply about refugees’ journeys by using evidence to establish facts, make inferences and raise questions.

Activity 11: What can I do? (299kB)
Summarise knowledge, clarify values and think about the best action to take in response to the refugee crisis.

Action Guide (460kB)
Develop young people’s global citizenship skills by asking them to consider how they can raise awareness.


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