Working Children Worldwide: Child labour and globalisation

A cross-curricular pack for children aged 9-13

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16Teacher's PackBookPoster

Working Children Worldwide contains information, activities and materials for pupils to investigate the complex issue of child labour in the context of globalisation. It introduces four children with different experiences of work, through photographs, information and personal accounts.

The pack is based on a cross-curricular approach to learning and clearly identifies links between activities and specific subject requirements within the UK curricula to aid lesson planning. The pack is divided into four sections.

Section 1 contains an introductory activity that introduces key themes, notably, child labour, poverty and the impact on education.

Sections 2 and 3 contain a range of stand-alone activities that examine the type of work carried out by children, both now and in the past, the reasons why they work and how the global market affects working children and global action for change.

Section 4 includes activities that explore the stories of the four children in literacy teaching.

The activities are well organised with learning objectives, guidance, discussion points and extension ideas. A particular strength of the pack is the range of material and the interactive learning approaches to explore these issues through role-play, group discussions, simulations and much more.


Items available

    • Teacher's Pack (£15)
    • Pack includes book and poster. For further details, and to order, visit the website:
    • ISBN: 9781841870823
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