Year of the Rooster Education Pack

Year of the Rooster education pack
KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11PDFAvailable in Welsh

On 28 January 2017, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we will enter the Year of the Rooster.

This education pack will help primary school teachers and pupils discover what Year of the Rooster symbolises. The pack is filled with fun activities based on Chinese culture and traditions. Start preparing for Chinese New Year, explore the mythology behind the Chinese zodiac and uncover what the Year of the Rooster actually means in 2017.

Your pupils can learn about the story of The Rooster, the Dragon and the Centipede, how to play a traditional Chinese playground game, find out how to say what foods you like and dislike in Chinese and cook some delicious Chinese food. You can also get creative making rooster paper cuts and painting traditional plate designs, find out some facts and hear from children across China about their favourite meals.

There are plenty of creative and fun ideas for you and your students to learn about the rich history and culture of China.

The packs for previous years (Horse, Sheep and Monkey) are also still available online. Prepared with input from the UCL/IOE Confucius Institute for Schools and supported by HSBC, these resources help pupils and teachers celebrate and explore Chinese culture and language.

The Year of the Rooster pack is also available in Welsh.


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