Are we nearly there?

This resource from RISC helps teachers at all levels to identify how far their school has got on the journey towards becoming a ‘global school’ – one where global citizenship is embedded across the curriculum and throughout the school ethos.

Promoting Race Equality

Schools have a specific duty to promote race equality and community cohesion and in order to do this it is essential that all members of the school community have a shared understanding of definitions and terms. This colourful and well laid-out book

Sustainable Development in Action

This is a guide to building sustainable development into the learning experience. It starts with a big picture introduction explaining why sustainable development is important and how it fits into the curriculum, with key recommendations from Ofsted

Sustainable Development Education

This website provides background information on Sustainable Development Education, targetted at teachers in Scottish schools. It provides access to national documents on sustainable development, support on preparing a school’s sustainable development

Just Linking

This handbook and DVD for primary teachers offer a guide for successful linking within the UK. It outlines potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, how to use a school link to build cross-cultural awareness, how to plan exchange days, and classroom.

Developing global citizens within Curriculum for Excellence

This resource is for all practitioners and partner organisations engaged in Scottish education seeking to develop children and young people as active global citizens. It aims to provide inspiration and ideas for classroom learning and to stimulate

Another Spanner in the Works

This book gives lots of practical advice and suggestions on how teachers in white areas can challenge racism and help children develop respect for diversity, opennes and acceptance. The book tackles difficult issues with a clear, accessible approach

Developing the Global Dimension in the School Curriculum

This booklet shows how the global dimension can be integrated across the curriculum and into the wider life of schools. It was published by a consortium of government bodies and NGOs: DFID, DfES, QCA, DEA and the British Council.