Local support

  • HEC Global Learning Centre (DEC)

    HEC Global Learning Centre promotes the values, aims and principles of development education and global citizenship through all areas of education.

    • Equipping students for a globalised world
    • Promoting critical and creative thinking
    • Engaging teachers in interactive and student-centred methodologies
    • Encouraging positive action for a fairer world.

    Email: hec@gn.apc.orgWebsite: http://www.hecgloballearning.org.uk
  • Highland One World Global Learning Centre

    Highland One World (HOW) Global Learning Centre exists to support the development of education for global citizenship in the Highlands and Islands.

    The service HOW provides aims to lighten the workload and increase the knowledge, skills and understanding of those they support by providing:

    • Advice on embedding global citizenship/Learning for Sustainability across the Curriculum for Excellence
    • CLPL Training for individual teachers, whole schools and clusters
    • An extensive resource library
    • Networking events
    • Tailor made support for schools
    • Teaching ideas
    • E-news bulletins on global issues, local and national school news and new resources.

    Email: info@highlandoneworld.org.ukWebsite: http://www.highlandoneworld.org.uk