Local support

  • African Heritage & Education Centre (AHEC)

    To advance the education of children, mainly but not exclusively those of African and Caribbean descent, in the history of African heritage and culture. AHEC run workshops, events in schools and other places to advance such objectives. They also run after-school supplementary classes for pupils in KS1, KS2 and KS3 to help improve their academic performances.

    Email: info@ahec.org.ukWebsite: http://www.ahec.org.uk
  • HEC Global Learning Centre (DEC)

    HEC Global Learning Centre promotes the values, aims and principles of development education and global citizenship through all areas of education.

    • Equipping students for a globalised world
    • Promoting critical and creative thinking
    • Engaging teachers in interactive and student-centred methodologies
    • Encouraging positive action for a fairer world.

    Email: hec@gn.apc.orgWebsite: http://www.hecgloballearning.org.uk
  • London Development Education Centre (LONDEC)

    London Development Education Centre (Londec) is an educational centre with an anti-racist and anti-sexist programme of action. It works towards raising discussion on policy and issues affecting young people in schools and produce materials highlighting the experiences of marginalised groups in society (eg Asian women, refugees). Londec organises events to publicise the inequality and inhumanity inflicted on people of the South living in the South and in the North.

    Email: londec@hotmail.com