Local support

  • Conforti Institute

    Works with young people, community groups and teachers; also provides curriculum advice and access to a wide range of resources, both material and online.

    Website: http://www.confortiinstitute.org
  • Highland One World Global Learning Centre

    Highland One World (HOW) Global Learning Centre exists to support the development of education for global citizenship in the Highlands and Islands.

    The service HOW provides aims to lighten the workload and increase the knowledge, skills and understanding of those they support by providing:

    • Advice on embedding global citizenship/Learning for Sustainability across the Curriculum for Excellence
    • CLPL Training for individual teachers, whole schools and clusters
    • An extensive resource library
    • Networking events
    • Tailor made support for schools
    • Teaching ideas
    • E-news bulletins on global issues, local and national school news and new resources.

    Email: info@highlandoneworld.org.ukWebsite: http://www.highlandoneworld.org.uk
  • International Development Education Association of Scotland (IDEAS)

    A network of organisations and individuals involved in Development Education and Education for Global Citizenship across Scotland.

    IDEAS works towards developing the understanding, skills and attitudes, which promote justice and equality in a multicultural society and an interdependent world. IDEAS aims to strengthen the work of DE in Scotland through mutual support, sharing knowledge and experience, lobbying, addressing fundraising issues and strategic planning and to work with, and influence, those in all sectors of education and lifelong learning. Activities are planned and decided by the membership.

    Email: ideas@ideas-forum.org.ukWebsite: http://www.ideas-forum.org.uk
  • Montgomery Development Education Centre

    MDEC is an Aberdeen based organisation, covering the whole of the North-East of Scotland. We are the education section of Aberdeen for a Fairer World (formerly the Third World Centre). The Centre is part of the International Development Education Association of Scotland (IDEAS). This is a network of over 40 organisations and individuals involved in Development Education and Education for Global Citizenship/Sustainable Development Education across Scotland.

    The aims of the Montgomery DEC are:

    • to raise awareness and promote understanding of global concerns and
    • to enable active global citizenship throughout the community.

    Email: montgomerydec@btconnect.comWebsite: http://www.montgomerydec.org.uk
  • One World Centre (Dundee)

    The One World Centre is a global learning centre dedicated to social justice and Learning for Sustainability. We support schools and community groups in Dundee, Angus, Fife, Perth and Kinross, to engage in global citizenship through active learning.

    Email: admin@oneworldcentre.org.ukWebsite: http://www.oneworldcentre.org.uk/
  • Scotdec

    Scotdec Global Learning Centre works with schools and educators to promote active and participatory global citizenship education. They offer professional learning opportunities to aid this process and have also produced and published a number of popular resources.

    Email: mail@scotdec.org.ukWebsite: http://www.scotdec.org.uk/
  • WOSDEC Global Learning Centre

    WOSDEC offers expert, accredited Professional Learning opportunities in Global Citizenship, Learning for Sustainability and Rights-based Learning. All our Professional Learning is based on:
    • practical, active and participatory methodologies
    • sharing best practice with colleagues
    • facilitated professional reflection.

    We believe education is the key to making a fairer world possible. We support educators throughout the West of Scotland to develop their skills in Global Citizenship education, and to shape an education system that empowers young people to act as Global Citizens, able and committed to shaping a just and sustainable future for all.

    Email: wosdec@btconnect.comWebsite: http://www.wosdec.org