Local support

  • 18 Hours Events and Education

    18 Hours is the Development Education Centre for East Sussex. We have a passion for ensuring education nurtures equality and diversity and widens the global community. 18 Hours works with teachers across East Sussex who are interested in global teaching, including diversity and sustainability education across the curriculum. Our aim is to support successful teaching, particularly in diversity, citizenship and environmental education. We provide resources which bring the world tangibly into the classroom. Our lesson ideas and themed weeks relate directly to the curriculum.

    Email: office@18hours.org.ukWebsite: http://www.18hours.org.uk
  • Brighton Peace and Environment Centre (DEC)

    The Brighton Peace and Environment Centre aims to raise awareness and understanding of social justice, peace, sustainable development and environmental protection matters by providing information, education and positive practical solutions to global problems. BPEC works together with community groups, schools, government departments, bodies, businesses and the wider public.

    Email: info@bpec.orgWebsite: http://www.bpec.org
  • Commonwork (DEC)

    Commonwork is a local centre of exploratory practice and experiential learning in environmental, social and economic sustainability. It is run as a set of mutually supportive social enterprises including a working organic dairy farm, productive gardens, residential facilities for retreats, seminars and conferences as well as a newly developed low carbon resource and study centre.

    Learning programmes on offer evolve and develop and are planned in discussion with partners but are underpinned by its core purpose held over more than 35 years, to explore how we can connect better to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world in face of the disconnect and exploitation prevalent in contemporary living. It has long offered education in sustainable development and global citizenship as part of wider movements pursuing similar objectives and seeks to develop and share with others locally and globally the very privileged and unique set of resources at Bore Place, its centre in Kent.

    Email: janebs@commonwork.orgWebsite: http://www.commonwork.org
  • Rights and Diversity Education

    RADE exists to support and enhance the teaching of intercultural and global education, including spiritual, moral, social, cultural curricula and global citizenship, in order to encourage respect for diversity and equity among young people. This is achieved through resource development, loans, displays, training and advice. Its funding comes from school subscription and LEA contributions. It is also seeking private sponsorship.

    Email: rade.centre@hants.gov.ukWebsite: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/education/hias/curriculum-resources-centres/the-rade-centre.htm
  • RISC: Reading International Solidarity Centre (DEC)

    Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC) is a Development Education Centre close to the heart of Reading’s town centre. We work with schools and community groups to raise the profile of global issues and promote action for sustainability, human rights and social justice. RISC’s education team works with teachers, local authorities and ITE institutions to promote Global Citizenship across the curriculum. Our work includes running a CPD programme, training for whole school staff, ITE and more. We write and publish our own teaching resources, with a wide range of other publications available in our Resource Centre and to buy online. From teaching packs on Global Citizenship and non-fiction on a range of global issues to fiction from majority world authors, we also have a large selection of children’s books promoting Global Citizenship for all age groups.

    To raise awareness and understanding of development education, RISC runs an events programme addressing a wide range of issues. We provide work opportunities to over 60 volunteers from a wide background, without whom we could not function as we do. RISC also works on projects with a focus on sustainable development and food security; initially inspired by our edible roof garden, this work continues with projects involving local community groups and schools.

    Our centre includes the World Shop and Global Cafe, along with meeting and conference facilities.

    Email: risc@risc.org.ukWebsite: http://www.risc.org.uk