Local support

  • Beacons: DEC for Herefordshire & Worcestershire

    Beacons’ mainstream work is with schools within the jurisdiction of Hereford and Worcester LEAs, through outreach and provision of resources for borrowing. More recently the Centre has adopted a new role in providing informational links between organisations and individuals in the two counties involved in development activities, through an annual conference, local seminars and a newsletter, and encouraging development links with overseas educational and other institutions, with an emphasis on rural development. The Centre maintains a comprehensive resource library and its website will eventually hold a full catalogue of resources at the Centre, as well as provide a forum for members to exchange news and discuss development issues.

    Email: coordinator@beaconsdec.org.ukWebsite: http://www.beaconsdec.org.uk
  • Lifeworlds Learning CIC

    We are a cooperative of educators producing innovative resources, courses and projects to inspire critical learning and strategic creativity among learning communities. We work with local authorities, national and international bodies, schools, teachers, pupils, businesses and community groups, and we work nationally and locally from our base in the Midlands.

    Email: rob.bowden@lifeworldslearning.co.ukWebsite: http://www.lifeworldslearning.co.uk
  • Tide~ Global Learning

    Tide~ global learning is a network of teachers and educators coming together to respond to the educational challenges of global dimensions, development perspectives and human rights principles. The network enables a range of activities, such as professional development projects, study visit courses, liaison groups, curriculum projects and resource development. The Tide~ Centre offers workshops for teachers and sells Tide~ publications. The website has comprehensive information about events, provides an online catalogue and downloadable support materials, and hosts ‘Tidetalk’ containing articles and ideas from network members.

    Email: info@tidec.orgWebsite: http://www.tidegloballearning.net/