Truman on Trial

Peace Education resource: Truman on Trial

In this three-part resource from CND, students investigate what happened before, during and after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They then put President Truman on trial and decide whether or not the bombings were justified.

The Bomb Factor

This pack includes six activities for use in secondary schools, post-16 and youth settings to explore peace and nuclear issues. Students can explore:
the effects of a nuclear explosion, using a timeline and personal testimony; concepts about conflict

Crisis in Yemen

Crisis in Yemen

This resource supports learners aged 11-18 in thinking critically about the complex conflict in Yemen and its human impact. It also provides advice on ways to take action such as writing to their MP or organising a fundraising appeal.

Dare You Walk the Path?

This is an exhibition and teaching resource from Handicap International UK about the impact of landmines and cluster bombs on communities worldwide. It follows the journey of a survivor from them taking a walk on an ordinary day, through their

Making Sense of World Conflicts

This extensive resource from Oxfam is suitable for upper secondary teaching in English, Citizenship, PSHE and Media Studies. The book includes 22 lesson plans that focus on a number of themes related to conflict.

No-Nonsense Guides

No Nonsense Guide to Globalization

This series of guides from New Internationalist focuses on a number of topical issues in the world today, and provides a pocket sized reference point for key concepts. The books are unique in how they place today’s issues into a historical context.

Homebeats: Struggles for Racial Justice

This is a really excellent and innovative anti-racist and interactive resource of value in any secondary school or other youth/community setting. It is organised in five main interlinked sections: images, memories, people, places (Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, USA and eight key locations in the UK), and visions.