Passeport pour la Francophonie

This online resource supports the teaching of French at primary school level. Aude from France, Assouan from Egypt, Nyanga from Gabon, Menabe from Madagascar and Takakoto from French Polynesia act as friendly guides to their home countries.


Launched in March 2005 by Christian Aid and the Irish development agency Trocaire, togetherTV gives individuals in the developing world a rarely heard voice.

British Museum Maths Resources

The British Museum has created a set of PowerPoint resources for KS1 which explore colour, pattern and two-dimensional shapes using museum artefacts. They show how ancient cultures used colour, pattern and shape to make sense of the world around them

Mangoes & Bananas

Kanchil the mouse deer and his friend, Monyet the monkey, plant some trees and look forward to eating their fruit. When they are finally ripe, Monyet climbs the trees to pick them. But once he gets up there, Monyet can’t resist eating all the fruit

Take Mali

This comprehensive, colourful pack is a cross-curricular resource designed to support children aged 7-14 with their progression in Intercultural Understanding through French, Geography and Global Citizenship. There are also many links to other curriculum areas such as Art, Design, Dance, Music and Literacy.

The Clothes Line

Our cotton T-shirts, dresses and trousers are made from a plant grown in countries many thousands of miles away. This is an online resource from Oxfam which investigates who grows cotton, how it is processed, transported and made into the garments we

Reel Lives Sierra Leone

This DVD is great fun! It introduces two young people living in Sierra Leone, and encourages children to see similarities and differences with their own lives. The DVD includes several short clips about school life, food and clothes in Sierra Leone,