West India Regiment

West India Regiment

The British Library’s West India Regiment project explores how people of African descent served in the wider British army in the 18th & 19th centuries. This pack provides a range of activities to support teachers in using materials from the West India Regiment project website with students of History at KS3 (age 11-14).

West Africa: Word, symbol and song

West Africa: Word, symbol and song

This British Library exhibition explored literature and music from the great African empires of the Middle Ages to the cultural dynamism of West Africa today. The linked website has a set of teaching activities for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 (ages 7 to 16).

Romans Revealed

This website has been put together by the Runnymede Trust and the University of Reading. It is based on research conducted by archaeologists using innovative scientific techniques to demonstrate how diverse Roman Britain actually was.

Changing faces, shaping places

This module focuses on the theme of migration, a hot topic in national and international arenas, and frequently contested in politics and the media. Migration can have a key influence on social, economic and political geographies …

Global Learning in Poetry

The sixth in a series of termly activity kits for members of Think Global’s Schools Network. Available to members each term, each issue of The global dimension in my classroom includes a range of activities, ideas, case studies and more to help you explore global connections. This edition is focused on poetry at Key Stages […]

Letterbox Library

Letterbox Library is a not-for-profit social enterprise and co-operative that has been running for nearly 30 years and specialises in multicultural and inclusive children’s books. Their books are sourced from a range of UK and overseas publishers and

Britain’s Black Olympians

This colourful book celebrates the achievements of Britain’s Black Olympic Heroes. Children from 15 schools in Manchester have written biographies, created artwork and composed poetry, and fan letters about sportsmen and women from minority groups who have represented Great Britain on the Olympic stage.

Treasures of Maqdala

Pupils learn about how some of the Ethiopian artefacts in museums in the UK came to be here and the repercussions this is still having today. They debate whether or not they think the artefacts should be returned to Ethiopia.

Asians in Britain

These webpages use sources in the British Library’s collection to trace the long history of Asians in Britain, focusing on the period 1858-1950. They explore the subject through contemporary accounts, posters, pamphlets, diaries, newspapers,