The State of the Middle East Atlas

This book is an excellent tool for understanding the Middle East and its pivotal role in global politics. It explores the complexity of the region: its emergence from fallen empires, the shaping of its current contours by oil and outside intervention

Discovering Galapagos

Galapagos is a group of volcanic islands 1,000km from the Ecuador coast. Its unique wildlife has inspired theories that have changed understanding about life on Earth. This website aims to engage students in the sustainable development of Galapagos

Teaching History with 100 Objects

This website consists of 100 resources based on objects selected from museums in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and from the British Museum. It has been funded by the DfE to help equip teachers to teach the new history curriculum.

Global Learning in Poetry

The sixth in a series of termly activity kits for members of Think Global’s Schools Network. Available to members each term, each issue of The global dimension in my classroom includes a range of activities, ideas, case studies and more to help you explore global connections. This edition is focused on poetry at Key Stages […]

Asians in Britain

These webpages use sources in the British Library’s collection to trace the long history of Asians in Britain, focusing on the period 1858-1950. They explore the subject through contemporary accounts, posters, pamphlets, diaries, newspapers,

Commonwealth Online

Commonwealth Online uses the archive of The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum (based in Bristol) to bring together free, downloadable, curriculum-linked teaching packages. The resources fit mainly into the History curriculum, with

Our Africa website

Our Africa is a website developed by SOS Children, a charity that has been working in Africa for the past 40 years. The aim of this ambitious project is to let children across Africa film their lives and countries the way they see them.

European Wealth, African Poverty: Why?

A secondary History and Geography resource, using images to investigate and question the history of poverty in Africa. It unravels seven myths about why Africa has become poorer since 1500, while Europe has become richer.

Yet We Survive

This book tells the story of the Kalinago people of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean. They are among the last survivors of the indigenous peoples of the region who were there when Christopher Columbus arrived 500 years ago.

Africa: Art and Design

These free online resources from the British Museum support the teaching of the history of Africa and the history of the British Empire. They draw on the British Museum’s collection, including illustrations, photographs, textual sources and research.