The State of the World Atlas

This book, published by New Internationalist, features over 50 thematic world maps which graphically analyse every key indicator and vital statistic of modern life, from wealth and power, war and peace through to rights, health and the environment.


Debt - Students for Global Action Conference © NEAD

Teaching about the debt owed by poor countries to rich countries links in with a range of other global issues. Debt is often a key reason behind poverty and underdevelopment, and is an important trade justice issue.

Getting Into Debt

What is “Third World Debt”, how did it come about and why do so many people feel so strongly that it should be ‘dropped’? And what does it have to do with the financial crisis or the ‘credit crunch’? This handbook aims to explain.

Damned by Debt Relief

This film investigates how the Highly Indebted Poor Countries’ debt relief initiative places heavy conditions on countries, requiring them to spend government money on specific areas. It questions whether debt relief is as beneficial as the G8 claim,

Positively Global

These books are suitable for work in many subject areas of secondary teaching, and could also be used to support a link with a school in a developing country. The activities in the teaching booklets include lots of interactive ideas,

Change the World in Eight Steps

This excellent set of posters from Oxfam introduces the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals to pupils aged 7 to 14. Issues covered in the pack include: trade, aid, and debt; education; environment; HIV/AIDS; poverty and hunger; and