All Kinds of Beliefs

All Kinds of Beliefs is an introduction for young children on the major world religions. It looks at different aspects of the following faiths: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism.

All Kinds of Homes

All Kinds of Homes is an interactive book for young children. It explores the types of homes that people live in all around the world, from Cambodian village houses to Bedouin tents in the Middle East.

All Kinds of Transport

All Kinds of Transport is a fun book for children looking at how people travel in countries around the world. It is interactive with flaps to lift or pull and bits that pop up.

Radio for Change

This CD-ROM is the result of a project where groups made radio programmes about local and global issues. The material is organised into the eight key global dimension principles. Each section provides the radio programme, suggests classroom activitie

Get Global!

Get Global! is a teacher’s guide to facilitating and assessing active global citizenship in the classroom. It is divided into three sections – steps activities, assessment and evaluation activities and games – that are given equal importance.

This is Our House

In this tender view of urban childhood, George learns that letting people into his playhouse is much more fun than keeping them out.
George says the cardboard house is his and his alone. It isn’t for girls, small people, twins, people with glasses,

An angel just like me

It is nearly Christmas, and Tyler’s family are putting up the decorations. But when Tyler picks up the broken Christmas-tree angel, he can’t help asking, “Why are they always pink? Aren’t there any black angels?” It’s a question no one can answer.

The Colour of Home

Everything looks grey and brown to Hassan – he’s in a cold, rainy country and people speak a language he doesn’t understand. At school he paints the sun-splashed colours of his Somalian home, covering it with the harsh reds and blacks of war


When Ling Sung starts school he discovers he can’t do things that other children do. He can’t tie his laces or write his name. Ling Sung never wants to go to school again. Then one day Ling Sung discovers he can do something extra special

Greedy Zebra

Greedy zebra was busy eating on the day the animals threw away their drab skins for new ones. This is the story of how all the animals chose their clothing, except for gredy zebra, who had to take the left-over pieces.