Hot Hippo

Hot hippo desperately wants to live in the water. But the god of everything and everywhere told the animals to live on the land and the fishes in the sea. This is the story of how hot hippo came to live in the river instead of dry land.

Sosu’s Call

This illustrated book tells the story of Sosu, a young boy who cannot walk. He is unable to go to school like his brother and sister, and stays at home every day with his dog Fusa, dreaming of life outside the compound.

Another Spanner in the Works

This book gives lots of practical advice and suggestions on how teachers in white areas can challenge racism and help children develop respect for diversity, opennes and acceptance. The book tackles difficult issues with a clear, accessible approach

Start with a Difference

This resource introduces anti-racist and multi-cultural teaching approaches to early years practitioners. The colourful book gives lots of practical activity ideas, alongside background about the importance of this teaching approach.

All you need for a refugee assembly

This teaching book includes three assembly ideas and three lessons plans which explore the theme of refugees in the UK. The assemblies consider who are refugees, and how they are portrayed in the UK media.

Young children & global citizenship

This book focuses on the global dimension to citizenship in early years and primary teaching. The main content of the book is the activity ideas and examples from the 150 teachers who were involved in its development (yes… 150!).

Towards Ubuntu

This book is designed primarily for teachers in training, and initial teacher education tutors, although anyone interested in the values and principles underpinning education would also find it useful.

Gregory Cool

Gregory Cool tells the story of a city boy who goes on holiday to visit his grandparents living near the sea on the Caribbean island of Tobago. At first Gregory is dismissive of their rural life – the food is strange, the sun too hot, and there are

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card

This teaching pack includes a 20-minute DVD and teaching book with activities suitable for upper primary or secondary teaching. The film includes interviews with many famous footballers, who talk about the causes and consequences of racism

Here, There and Everywhere

This extremely useful manual for teachers and head teachers offers a thoughtful insight into racism in schools, and how to address this problem. Using a framework of the three principles of belonging, identity and equality, it explains why these issues are central to developing a race equality school policy.