Drought 360°

Drought 360°

12-year-old Daeka has taken a 360° photo to show the effects of drought in her village in east Africa. To complement the photo, ActionAid has created resources to help pupils understand what drought is and how it affects people, plants and animals.

Oxfam Water Week for Schools resources

Oxfam Water Week for Schools provides opportunities for young people to learn and think critically about water issues, before taking informed and meaningful action.

Water Explorer

Water Explorer is a fun, inspiring and educational programme that empowers thousands of 8-14-year-olds in 11 countries around the world to lead joint action on water issues for their schools and communities. It is free to all schools taking part.

Sandy seeds

A global primary Upd8 from ASE and Practical Action. This resource looks at a ‘big question’ facing Sujan and his family from Bangladesh… how can they grow crops on land which is made of sand?

Who’s most at risk?

This is a role play activity from Practical Action that enables pupils aged 11-18 years to understand some of the key factors that place people around the world at risk from the effects of natural hazards.