Rules of War

Rules of War

These British Red Cross resources explore the protections in place for those in conflict zones and the impact conflict has had on the lives of those affected. What is and isn’t legal during armed conflict? What are the Geneva Conventions? These British Red Cross resources introduce young people to the principles of international humanitarian law or the ‘rules of war’.

Diversity, Equality & the Law in the UK

Diversity, Equality and the Law in the UK

This series of secondary lesson plans (aimed at ages 11 to 16) from Parliament UK focuses on diversity and equality in the UK, looking at equality laws and how they have changed over time.


Eco-Fish is a fun game for students to play competitively and thereby learn about the global issues surrounding a natural resource. Students are divided into country teams. They ‘go fishing’ and quickly learn that they have to negotiate rules to ensure the fish stocks don’t run out.

Justice and Fairness

This teaching resource from the British Red Cross allows students aged 14-16 to explore issues of fairness and justice through the lens of international humanitarian law (IHL). It helps students see the bigger picture in conflict situations and approach controversial issues through different perspectives.